The Looking Boy

From here, it almost looks like Jesus. Not the man himself, or the god, or whatever you want to think of him, but a statue. A bit like the one in Rio or… Continue reading

All About the Lolly

You have two lollies twice a day. One at morning tea and one at lunch. When the clock ticks over and someone glances to find that it’s time for the idle break to… Continue reading

A Heretic’s Visit

I felt like an heretic in an early Christian church; following along, mouthing the words, closing the eyes in prayer, but every move was not for their purpose but for my own hidden… Continue reading

Magnificent Ibis

They start, swatting at it and waving their hands in a useless attempt to make it go away. “I can smell it.” It stays there, innocently dipping it’s head into its body. “It’s… Continue reading

A Fool’s Visit

I’m going to church tomorrow and I’m absolutely petrified. I’m so petrified I’m wondering if I can turn up three hours early and find a hole to hide in so no one can… Continue reading

Song, Dance and In-Between

I am absolutely obsessed with musicals, I could watch them over and over again. Lucky for me I work in a theatre and every year a couple of local amateur theatre companies put… Continue reading

One Year with a Psycho (I mean my cat)

One glorious year of being woken up by the wonderful scent of cat breath as he bites my nose and knowing that nothing is safe from his destructive gaze. It’s not possible for… Continue reading

Apple Tree Home

The day was stinking, sticky enough that even the flies didn’t bother doing anything. The occasional dragonfly drifts across the little sickly coloured pond and she imagines a swan floating through it. Dipping… Continue reading

Same but Different

Today while I was at the supermarket carefully scrutinising the apricots to get the ones that were the perfect ripeness I heard a voice beside me say hello. I looked up, expecting it… Continue reading

The 53rd First Sentence

A good beginning starts with a captivating first sentence. The sentence opens the story and hooks the reader, drawing them into the second sentence and then the third. Frankly I don’t think the… Continue reading

New Year’s Eve

As I trundle to the front of the bus, scrambling frantically to get my ticket out before I lose it for the second time, the driver kindly waits and as I leave calls… Continue reading